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Lightweight and Portable

The perfect solution for smaller builds.  Designed to carry between 2-7 kg (4.4-15.4 lbs.)

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Vario 5

All-Around Solution

The most popular Easyrig model.  A versatile solution to cover you on most setups.  Load Range 5-7 kg (11-38 lbs.)

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Vario 5 Strong

The Heavy Lifter​

Stronger and reinforced version of the Vario 5 for the biggest of builds.  Load Range 10-25 kg (22-55 lbs.)

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Ergonomic Design

Shoot Longer & Better 

Easyrigs distribute the weight of your camera throughout your body via the vest and harness.  This allows you to hold your camera longer, steadier, and more comfortably.

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Saving Necks, Backs, and Shoulders

Invest In Your Body

Put the days of waking up with an aching body behind you. Easyrigs are proven to to be a tool that improves the health and career longevity of any camera operator.

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Industry Trusted

Loved By Professionals

For over 25 years, Easyrigs have been trusted by camera operators filming documentaries, television shows, and movies across the globe in all environments.

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