Easyrig Canada FAQs

The overwhelming majority of arms sold (in our experience) is the 5" (130mm) extension arm.  This length gives enough separation for shooting from the hip as well the versatility to shoot from your shoulder.  All extended arms have the ability to adjust so the camera hook drops from the standard length if needed. 

If you only shoot from your shoulder (ENG cameras) the standard arm is the best option, although you can achieve the same drop point with both the 5" (130mm) and 9" (230mm) arm.  

The 9" (230mm) arm is best if you want the most distance between you and the camera or you operate with gimbals.  Although you will get the best gimbal results with the STABIL arm.  

There are two main types of Easyrig vests, the Cinema vest and Gimbalrig vest.  

The main difference between the Cinema and Gimbalrig vest is the waist strap.  The Cinema vest has a smaller waist strap similar to a hiking backpack, where the Gimbalrig vest has a larger overlapping waist strap.  The Gimbalrig vest was recently updated with the Easylock, which is a ratchet style tightener similar to what you would find on a snowboard binding.  

The Gimbalrig vest is the more popular choice as it is said to be more comfortable and easier to get tighter around your waist. 

The 'flex' vest version is available in both the Cinema and Gimbalrig configurations.  You do not need to get the flex version of the vest, but it has been specifically designed with the female operator in mind.  

Each Easyrig comes with the standard camera hook which works with almost all camera builds as long as there is a top handle.  The Quick Release Camera Hook is quickly becoming the preferred choice.  It makes connecting and disconnecting you camera quick and easy.  It has been tested up to 115 kg (255 lbs.) so it's extremely robust.  A benefit over other quick release systems, is that it is lower profile so you keep your lens height to a maximum.  

The most important thing to watch with your Easyrig is the line.  If you ever start to see wear marks, cuts, or splits within the line, get it replaced right away.  The line is very strong and should last many years if not damaged.  It is advised to get it replaced every five years as preventive maintenance.  

If you notice anything else wrong with you Easyrig, please Contact Us and we can help with the repair. 

After you have registered your Easyrig by filling out the form inside the bag (or on Easyrig's website), you will have two years limited warranty.